Thick as Thieves

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Thick as Thieves

ALOHA ISLE - A tropical blend of juicy pineapple, ripe mango & a touch of guava.

CHERRY LIMEADE - The classic soda mix...sweet & tart.

LIVE-WIRE LEMONADE - Freshly squeezed lemonade with an icy cold blast.

MILLIONS OF PEACHES - A peach explosion with notes of cream.

MONKEY PUNCH - Creamy coconut with a dash of ripe banana.

Available in 3 & 6mg strength  30ml bottle

NEW FLAVORS IN 3 & 6mg  60ml bottles only

STRAWBERRY SOUR- Sour infused strawberries

STRAWBERRY SOUR CHILL- Sour infused strawberries with a cool chill ex-hale

WATERMELON SOUR - Sour infused tart, just sour.

WATERMELON SOUR CHILL- Sour infused watermelon with a cool chill ex-hale


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