True Mixed 3 & 6mg

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Flavour: Aqua
Strength: 3mg
Size: 60ml
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Aqua - Green apple, strawberry & watermelon

Bavarian Coffee - Bavarian cream & coffee

Bavarian Coffee - Creamy coffee

Bavarian Pineapple - Bavarian cream & juicy pineapple

Bruised - Blackberry & blueberry with a CENSORED twist

Elderberry Twist - Elderberries with blackberry & raspberry

Eucalyptus Mint - Refreshing eucalyptus

Flavourless - No flavour

Fruit Smedley - Mango, lychee, pomegranate & melon

Kool Blue - Blueberry with a hint of menthol

Kool Grape - Grape with a hint of menthol

Magic Dragon - Dragon fruit, watermelon & strawberry 

Menthol - Menthol tobacco

Peachy Pineapple


SIN - Vanilla and cinnamon

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Kiwi

Sunrise - A delicious citrus tea blend

Sweet Kuke - Cucumber with a hint of strawberry

Sweet Mango - Juicy sweet mango

Terminator - Icy CENSORED

Titanic - Watermelon, grape & strawberry

Tropical Ice - Minty green apple & pomegranate

True Ice - Icy mint

Trueberry Twist - A sour twist of blueberry, strawberry, blackberry & raspberry

VC Supreme - Vanilla CENSORED with strawberry

Wild Melon - Refreshing Honeydew melon

60ml $20


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