Having smoked for too many years with so many failures using smoking cessation products, we resigned to living with the smell, cost, and mess of being smokers.

Then in November of 2011 we discovered e-cigarettes. From two packs a day, to zero. No pain or cravings, and sooo much cash saved. No more coughing, wheezing, or being treated like a pariah. Call it a miracle! There can be nicotine, but no tar, no smoke, and none of the well over 4,000 toxins found in cigarettes!

E-cigs are made up of a battery (power source), atomizer/coil (for vaporizing liquids), and a clearomizer/tank (for holding the liquids). The liquids contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, and if desired, nicotine. There is no combustion reaction with e-cigs, which means no smoke, just vapor.

Having a chemistry background, and being disappointed with much of the e-liquid flavours available, it was a natural transition to research and acquire different flavours and produce better tasting e-liquids.

We have over 200 flavours with new ones being introduced all the time, and a large selection of tobacco flavours up to 24mg.


Due to the Covid pandemic, our Flavour Tasting Bar is now closed!

At True Vape we thrive on your success at giving up cigarettes.

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